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The church is the people of God in action. Every baptised person has a ministry. There are many different ways we can be 'the church' at worship, on Sundays and each day of our lives.

Worship leaders


Lay assistants, Servers, readers, sides-people, hospitality hosts... there are many ways to help on Sunday mornings. If you are interested in one of these ministries, please contact us.

Music & choir


Do you love to sing? We do too? Our choir is an enthusiastic group of volunteers, helping to lead our music each Sunday.

However, currently, due to the coronavirus, there will be no choir, or singing at our services until further notice.

SPARKS (children 2-10yrs)


Currently, children's programs will only be offered online

IGNITE (10-16yrs)


Currently, all programs are only offered online

Anglican Religious Education


The Anglican Church is one of the official, government recognized religions in Belgium. All parents may request Anglican Religious Education for their children. Click here to learn more, or to become a teacher.

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