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1743 first record of worship services held for English troops

1816 first record of an Anglican community in Ghent
1839 first Chaplain appointed
1878 worship services held in Protestant Church on Brabantdam
1885 move to St John's Church at St Jacobsplein

1914-20 closed at the outbreak of World War I
1920 reopens and worship is led by Missions to Seamen Chaplains
1940-44 closed at the outbreak of World War II
1948 move to Missions to Seamen Chapel (St. Peter's)
1956 move to Koningstraat

1964 move to what is now Edmond Boonenstraat
1985 Celebration for 100 years as "St. John's"

2008 moved to a vacated Carmelite convent
2013 first use of Anglican liturgy in Dutch (Nederlands)
2016 moved to Sint-Elisabethkerk in the Old Beguinage, Ghent.

2020 launched online worship services

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