A message from the Chaplain

Dear friends, beste vrienden,

Jesus said, “Do this in REMEMBRANCE of me.” He wasn’t asking a favour or simply teaching his followers how to share Holy Communion. In his final hours, Jesus reminded his disciples that REMEMBERING has always been an essential part of their relationship with God. For example…

•    After the Flood, God said, “When the (rain)bow is in the clouds, I will see it and REMEMBER my covenant between me and you and every living creature.” (Gen. 9:14-15)
•    The 5th Commandment is, “REMEMBER the Sabbath day and keep it holy.” (Ex. 20:8)
•    Scripture tells us over and over again, “God will REMEMBER His covenant.” (Ps. 105:42; Ps. 111:5, Luke 1:54, 72)
•    And God’s forgiveness promises to “REMEMBER our sins no more.” (Is. 43:25, Heb. 8:12)

REMEMBERING reminds us who we are and who we will become; where we came from and where we are headed: and it holds all our relationships together. At this time of year – especially this year – we need to REMEMBER.

We REMEMBER the saints who have gone before us. But let’s REMEMBER them for who they truly were – imperfect people who led imperfect lives, simply trying to fill the world with God’s love each day.

We REMEMBER those who died in wars past and present. Not as extraordinary heroes unlike us, but as ordinary people who sacrificed their lives for those they loved.

We REMEMBER that no president or leader is in charge of this world. It is Christ and Christ alone who rules and reigns over our hearts.

This month is our Season of REMEMBERING. But this is NOT a season focussed on death. That would be a mistake. This is the same month where trees lose their leaves and seeds are planted. This is a season of hope and holding on to the promise of New Life.

None of us need to be reminded that the coronavirus has taken far too many lives and continues to take more. We don’t need to be told how it affects families, damaging relationships, and hurts people’s work and life.
But these are precisely the reason that we need to REMEMBER.
REMEMBER… like the saints, our present suffering will pass because we are always held in God’s hands.
REMEMBER… like the conflicts of the past, the universe bends towards God’s justice and righteousness.
REMEMBER… like all of Creation, the promise of New Life is a seed that has been planted in each one of us.

When the world has lost all hope. It is up to Jesus’ followers to REMEMBER. Let this be our gift to the world.

Many, many blessings,
Canon Stephen Murray


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